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Do It All Dad Year Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

Jokes I Won't Be Doing In Manhattan Tonight 

Cascading Jokes on My Day Of Rest 

Rodney Dangerfield's Daughter Cold Call Rehash 

Oct 10, 2018

God Gives Kids To Only The Lonely 

Child Services Button 

Crazy Good Dada 

Mismatching On Purpose 

Do It All Dad Class President Advice 

Dreamy Text Reply to Mom 

Unlikely Post on LinkedIn 


Oct 9, 2018

Hugs Behind Me 

Michael Savage Interviews Ziggy Marley 

Crazy Good Dada Lunch Column 

My Elusive Money Maker Idea 

Busting Stephen King's Balls at the Ball Game 

F In Dammit 

Children Giving God 

Metal Pride In The House 

Baby's Favorite Thing To Do 

Oct 8, 2018

Stalling for the Tooth Fairy 

Notes From My Beard Exit Interview 

American Dad Educates 

American Dad Halloween Scare Dare 

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